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    28 March at 09:28 from atlas

    Voltex Electrical NZ are our choice for electrical supplies. Please contact us for an appraisal and access to a huge range for your home ...

  • New location switch or 2 way Switch?

    9 June at 09:33 from atlas

    Often people forget or haven't put in 2 way switching or simply don't like where their switch is for a light. ...

  • Testing the Limits

    9 November at 11:32 from atlas

    Extolling the virtues of testing. ...

  • House Rewire

    15 July at 12:15 from atlas

    Older houses frequently have wiring that no longer is capable of doing the job. TRS wiring installed in the 1950's in older homes of ...

  • Advice

    29 May at 07:00 from atlas

    Did you know we offer advice? Some people need a helping hand with projects. Even if all you want is to know how to rewire an extension ...


    14 August at 04:35 from atlas

    Cold in Winter? Warm in Summer? Unsure if you could use a Heat Pump? With up to 5 reasons in the one appliance, Heat Pumps are a cost ...

  • Just In Case Of Doubt

    27 March at 17:08 from atlas

    I've been getting enquiries from people who are NOT REGISTERED or LICENSED. To anyone out there in doubt of the penalties for doing ...

  • No GST !!!!!

    11 December at 05:59 from atlas

    We've been able to offer a discount to some customers before. Now everyone can share!  Until further notice, there is NO GST on ...

  • Another Happy Customer ! :)

    24 September at 10:16 from atlas

    From:Sue Norton ...

  • Free Appraisals

    18 September at 15:00 from atlas

    Cost is important to us as well. We prefer to see the job first, as it avoids unpleasant surprises for us as well as the customer. What ...


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